Five Things You Can Do to Change Your Mindset for Success

I have a special treat for you this week, I’ve brought in a guest blogger and my personal business coach Dr. Erin Oksol. Dr. Erin is a speaker, business success coach, psychologist and best-selling author. She is Nevada’s Professional Saleswoman of the Year and was voted Top 20 Most Powerful Women in Northern Nevada. She is the CEO of Success with Dr. Erin Coaching and Consulting and helps business owners and entrepreneurs make more money doing what they love. I asked her to talk a little bit about the mindset for success.

First, notice the title didn’t say, ‘five easy things you can do.’ Changing your mindset takes mental and physical effort every day. Though achievable, it doesn’t represent an easy task. You should not expect immediate results, but on the flipside, you can look forward to extended and lasting benefits.

Practicing just one of the suggestions below will help your psyche and contribute to success, but if you implement more than one idea and hopefully, all of them, you may notice a synergistic effect.

Define what success means to you and write your mission statement accordingly. Success means something different to each individual. Perhaps, you want that million-dollar home for your family, or you want to retire early and live a nomad lifestyle. Take some time to figure out what success means to you and by what means and with what value set you plan to achieve it.

 Give yourself positive affirmations every day. How often do you hear someone say, “Oh, stupid me!” You might remember the classic Saturday Night Live sketch where Stuart Smalley humorously pointed out the importance of daily positive affirmations. While the sketch was amusing, it does point out that believing in yourself and giving yourself positive affirmations does impact your life and success.

 Practice self-education through reading. Whether it relates to your occupation or other interests, inhale information through books and articles. Knowledge is power, and if that knowledge sparks imagination, all the better.

 Think big and keep your eyes on the whole picture. Though we’re often instructed to take things one step at a time, the steps don’t make any sense unless we know the end goal. It may take two years to achieve an MBA. Halfway through your coursework, your Stats class may tempt you to quit the program, but the focus on what an MBA means to your career and self-esteem may encourage you to keep moving forward.

 Meditate every day. If you plan to redecorate your living room, you’re probably going to clean it first. Think of daily meditation as an opportunity to clear out your mind, giving a fresh start to implement the changes to your mindset. Meditation may improve both our physical and mental health. Some of the effects that may help with success include:

If you feel negativity or if your plans are not progressing satisfactorily, take a look at your definition of success and mission statement. Perhaps you need a reminder to get back on track, or maybe your goals and definitions need adjusting.

Again, profitable and successful companies go back to their mission statements to remedy problems or achieve growth. Corporations and businesses rely on the success of their people to remain viable. The same philosophy could work for you!

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