Only Two Choices

Make moves or make excuses. Don’t like that one, how about pain of self discipline, or pain of regret? Maybe my favorite, which most of you may have heard, “Do, or Do not, there is no try,” Yoda. As a leader I’ve always preferred to keep things real simple. For me it doesn’t get much easier than two choices for success. Now, granted once you make the choice there is a little more to it, but the first, and most important step is that first choice.

I’ll start with the pain of self discipline. It is tough to day in and day out stay committed to the decisions it takes to be successful. As an example, most sales individuals pick this industry for the freedom and flexibility that comes with making your own schedule. To be disciplined enough to start your day early and not leave until you’ve reached the number of contacts, or appointments, you committed yourself too, is painful. Especially in the summer time, when it’s nice outside, maybe the lake is calling your name.

The great thing about the pain of self discipline is you control it, you can proactively alter your future. The key is to make the decision to be successful, regardless of what it takes, early on. Don’t make the decision each day when you wake up. Make the decision when you first start the year. Then you just need to manage that decision each day when you wake up. Will you stay true to yourself, or will you let yourself down? Not do I want to be successful or not, you already made that decision.

Contrary to the pain of self discipline, is the pain of regret. It’s in the past, nothing you can do to control that. It’s usually prefaced with, would of, could of, or should of. If I just would of made 10 more calls that week. Or, I should of just worked a few extra hours each week, then I would of accomplished… To me there is nothing worse than the regret of what could have been.

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