Breakfast is Served

For the last few years I’ve been conducting a Friday morning meeting with all my new agents five years and under, I call it Beginners Breakfast. I do Friday’s, strategically, which I’ll talk more about, and as the name implies, I do serve breakfast.  I know everyone gets bogged down in too many meetings, but I believe the format for this meeting has been an integral part of their success.  I also believe it’s helped build a good deal of team camaraderie. I want to break down the agenda I use in the hopes you may be able to implement something similar.

As I mentioned, I always do Friday because it’s a great end of the week checkpoint to see how the weeks activities went. Sales individuals tend to duck out early on Fridays, so this is either a way to support and encourage that idea, if they had a good week.  Or, reinforce the need to stay if they didn’t accomplish as much as they should have.  The breakfast part isn’t all that important it’s just my way of rewarding them, creating a more relaxed atmosphere, and getting the morning off to a good start.

The first 20 minutes we go around the room and report on our weeks lead indicators. If that term is new to you, I encourage you to check out my blog titled, Lead Vs. Lag Indicators.  I really focus on not discussing production numbers but keeping the attention on activity for that week.  In sales, regardless of what you’re selling, activity is key.  Also, by going around and giving everyone a chance to give their numbers publicly.  This creates some accountability to the group if the results are low without me saying anything.  On top of that if someone shares a new event they tried and had a lot of success with, we can talk more about how others can possibly replicate the event.  Or, things they can tweak to have even better results.

The next 20 minutes we focus on obstacles they had during the week. Maybe it’s a mistake someone made on an application that we can all learn from.  Maybe it was something they miss-explained to a client, that all of them are confused about.  If they don’t have anything to bring up, which almost never happens, I’ll have some back up ideas of things I’ve seen mistakes on in the past.

The last 20 minutes is focused on a sales idea. Sometimes that will include role playing a meeting with a client.  I might pick an agent to do that or I might do it.  Other times it will be a sales video I found on-line.  I might have an article for everyone that I came across that week that I thought might help.  The important part is they walk away with a simple, usable, sales idea each and every week.

I hope this helped and if you have a sales idea you think would be beneficial for us to discuss please share it in the comments below.

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