Feel, Felt, Found

“I understand how you feel, other have felt the same way, and what I found….”

The first sales training I ever attended was Ron Willingham’s Integrity selling. I was straight out of college and this was my first exposure to the sales industry.  This was the exact saying that we learned and practiced over and over.  Although I don’t use that exact saying anymore, I’m forever grateful for what I learned and still think that saying is the foundation to closing sales today.

Allow me to elaborate. “I understand how you feel.”  Really this incorporates peoples need to be heard, which is the cornerstone to a good sales career.  It also incorporates the need to empathize with your client.  We live in a very hostile environment right now, where if a person has a different opinion, they are often attacked for that.  When you are meeting with a prospect, you need to make them feel comfortable not agreeing with you, or what you’re trying to sell them.  You need to listen to what they’re saying and communicate that you have

heard them.  It can also help clarify what the objection really is.  How exactly you say that is up to you.

“Other’s have felt that same way.” This not only expresses they are not alone, but really your expertise in having heard, and dealt with this before.  Again, breaking down the confrontation barriers that often get put up by people when dealing with sales individuals.  This would be a great time to share a personal story, hopefully one from a client of yours that was in a similar situation or had the same objection.

“What I found.” This is your opportunity to overcome the objection and re-explain, in a different way, why this product or service might be a good fit for them.  Again, maybe using a personal story, maybe a different piece of literate, whatever you think would be beneficial to help explain why you feel the way you do.

I hope you can see why this simple phrase can be so important to success in a sales career. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this, do you agree, disagree?


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