Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

This is a follow up to my blog last Friday on S.M.A.R.T. goals. I believe first and foremost you must have well written goals, which is why I shared the acronym with you first.  However, I believe to take your goals to the next level, to increase the chances you’ll accomplish each and every one of those, there is an additional step.

Allow me to elaborate. I’ve been setting goals with my wife since before we were married.  It started as something we just told each other on New Years Eve when it hit midnight, that was back when we still made it to midnight.  After we got married we agreed we should start writing them down in addition to sharing them, important step.  Then for many years on New Year’s I’d dust them off and we’d review what we did and didn’t accomplish.  I hope you caught that, we’d dust them off.  We never really looked at them during the year, and from what I observe there are a lot of people guilty of that.  You spend all this time thinking, writing, and sharing, then they disappear.  Maybe for a month, or two, or twelve.

It wasn’t until a few years back that once we wrote out the goals we established that I printed them and we both taped them on our mirrors. For me that was a difference maker.  Every morning I’d have those goals staring at me.  Every night before I went to bed there they were, taped to the mirror staring at me.  They couldn’t be ignored.  These are what I deemed as non-negotiable.  It caused me to ask the questions, “What am I going to do today to make these happen,” and, “What did I do today to help make those happen.”

I challenge you, take your goals to the next level. Have them posted somewhere that can’t be ignored.  It doesn’t need to be for anyone else, but somewhere you can ask yourself those two questions.


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