What Really Matters?

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you’d know I’m a big proponent of lead indicators versus lag indicators.  Another way of saying that is, activity over results.  Why do I think activity is more important than results?  After all, we’re paid on results not activity.

I believe it all boils down to this, you don’t control the outcomes, you control the actions.

Goals are outcomes. You don’t control the goals, you desire them, you influence them, but you don’t control them. You can’t control if someone your selling something to has enough money to purchase or not. You could make the greatest presentation known to man but if they can’t afford it then there is nothing you can do. You can’t control if someone makes an irrational decision. You can help influence, and certainly stack the deck in your favor, but ultimately the outcome is out of your hands.

Actions are an entirely different matter. This is where you have choice, you have control. Every day you make choices regarding your actions. What actions and activity to engage with, and what actions to avoid. Some of it is conscious, some unconscious.

Here is my point: everything you want to accomplish – your dreams, your vision, your goals, will require you to take specific actions that are consistent and sustained.

I will also add you must be committed to those activities, not interested. When you’re simply interested, then depending on how you feel that day you may, or may not, do the necessary activities. However, when you’re committed to those activities, rain or shine, good day or bad day, they are going to happen.

That said, you must understand, and be absolutely clear, about what actions will have the greatest impact. Then commit. Being conscious and focused on those specific actions will ultimately lead to higher results.

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