Who’s Keeping Score?

Imagine for a second, you’re watching your favorite college football team, or your favorite team from any sport. There is only two minutes left in the game, tensions are running high.  The score, who knows to who knows?  Unfortunately, no-one was keeping score.  How about your favorite player, his or her stats were, who knows? Again, no-one was keeping track.

This probably wouldn’t go very well for anyone watching. We would never tolerate not knowing the score, and the players wouldn’t tolerate it either.  However, this is the reality I see so many sales professionals in.

All too often you ask a sales professional the score, or their stats, in their career, and they stare at you with an empty look on their face. What do I mean by the score, or stats?  For a sales professional these are things like prospects, appointments, rankings, etc.  How many calls do you have to make to get a prospect?   How many prospects to get an appointment?  How many appointments to get a sale?  These are the essentials to any sales professional’s career.  Yet all too often they are not keeping track of these vital statistics, the score.

Measurement is simply feedback that provides you with valuable information regarding the effectiveness of our actions. To be great you will need to measure your progress and results.  I encourage you, know the score.


If you can’t read the scoreboard. You don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers.

Warren Buffett

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